Faraday & Kent, Home Painting and Commercial Painting, Sydney
Faraday & Kent, Home Painting and Commercial Painting, Sydney

Painting Quote Checklist

Did you receive a written quotation?
The scope of work should be clearly defined and outlines in a written quotation, outlining works to be carried out and with a clear understanding of progress payments and is to be signed by both parties prior to the commencement of the work.

Has the company been in business for five years or more?
Statistics indicate that most contracting failures occur during the first few years of operation.

For your protection, is the job to be paid for only after substantial completion?
When a contractor asks for an initial deposit of more than 10% it is usually a sign of insufficient credit or under capitalisation. Either could lead to problems for you.

When you called, did you get a company representative and was he/she on time? Were references offered?
This will help you determine the contractor’s ability to perform.

Is the contractor properly insured?
We carry public liability of $20,000,000 for your protection, workers’ compensation and compulsory home owners warranty insurance for jobs more than $20,000.

Is the contractor licensed?
Where required by state law we carry the necessary licences.

Will the contractor offer a warranty on workmanship and materials and do you believe the warranty will be honoured if a problem occurs?
Faraday & Kent offer a 2 year warranty on painting works in accordance with Department of Fair Trading guidelines, any warranty offer for longer is not enforceable by Fair Trading.